This is my lifestyle movement. 

I am a life coach, writer, creative mind, and everyday adventurer. 

I encourage living by your own standards– being an individual and sticking up for your own interests, talents, and dreams.  I believe in creating your own philosophy for life rather than being molded by society.  I adore uniqueness in people and wish everyone could let out their weirdness unabashedly.  I don’t like the formal and clinical — I love to coach in everyday settings, over coffee or a late afternoon lunch; conversing openly as friends rather than coach and client.  More about my coaching here.



 I am creating things out of love for what is beautiful, natural, and useful.


550 Paracord Life Mummies and Snake Vertebrae Pendants

You can find my shop here.
My creative inspiration is a lifestyle philosophy.

It’s the good simple life– nature, beautiful skyscapes, hiking in rainforests and swimming in rivers and oceans, relaxed and happy mindsets, harmony with what’s around us. It’s also utilitarian — modern tools and technology for optimal stress-free living, objects that are meant to survive almost anything, select belongings, urban tool kits, and a mindset that is adaptable, flexible, ready to adventure, learn and explore.

It marries tropical hues with camo-colored neutrals. It puts the natural and ornamental beauty into what is meant to be stark and strong yet subdued. It is seashells hanging from multitools, tie-dye paracord, raw silk pouches with gypsy charms and carabiners, being inspired yet prepared for camping trips and urban expeditions. It’s acknowledging that natural and tropical beauty can be paired with rugged urban sensibilities. It’s for those who will be found jumping into waterfalls after a day campout on a pink-hued beach on Saturday, seen trekking through a city sprawl on Monday, spotted up a dusty mountain trail on Tuesday, navigating through a major international airport on Friday, and never leaving the comforts of home all Sunday.

It’s for the diverse seekers who are irrepressible planners yet leap upon spontaneity and savor what is soothingly familiar just as much as an adventure into the unknown. They wear designer fabrics with thrift store treasures and commune with the beautiful contradictions of everyday modern life.  It’s being prepared for the apocalypse whilst living life as a party.

The only real apocalypse here is one of the mind, of which everything imposed by society is destroyed then pieced back together in a way that works right for the individual — reworking the mind, rewiring the soul. The tropical aspect is inspired by the island lifestyle, full of good hard work, food from the Earth, days spent in laughter, falling in love with nature and the universe while sprawled across a moonlit lawn. This paired with the urban survivalist mindset provides a yin and yang, a beautiful side to the beast, a balance between two seemingly very different attitudes.

Everything is about balance.

Live long, play hard, work your passion, know thyself, and create your good life.

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