A creative approach to a more vibrant life


I’m here to help you level up. 

I’m here to help harness your creative powers and the spirit of adventure, and begin imagining and crafting a life of more beauty and vibrancy.

Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that we’re done growing.  In fact, now we can truly grow.

We have the power to take full responsibility as creative directors of our lives, and make shit happen!  Uniquely.  Artfully.

This is the time to dream big, to stop circulating in our problems and begin creating solutions that make us truly come alive.

It takes imagination, play, adventure, and mindfulness to learn how to create our own experiences.  When taking life as an art form, we choose to work it, shape it, and create it, instead of it working and shaping and creating us.

Instead of staying hooked on the problem, we begin to create solutions.  Instead of feeling helpless and stuck, we begin to create new pathways, attitudes, and perspectives.  Instead of giving our power to everything outside of us, we are refocusing on everything we can control and have full creative power overourselves.


Why is life a creative art?

Humans are designed to be able to change ourselves and our environment — we are gifted with intelligence, creativity, and craving the fulfillment of solving problems and creating better things and experiences for ourselves.  We are designed to want to create, grow, and evolve.  That’s how we went from drawing in caves, to creating big screen visuals with mind-blowing special effects.

With such highly complex minds designed to analyze, create, learn, and grow; having ownership and control of such a thing would require more than just passive existing.

Many of us never learn how to be directors of our own lives, and so we end up feeling disempowered while trying to control the stuff we have no control over.

To let life just happen to us would be ignoring the great power of the incredible creative machines we own.

Learning how to take it and use it takes nothing less than artistry!



Life is our greatest masterpiece;

might as well make it the best experience we can.

We are meant to create and evolve and grow.

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