This is for you.

For forging the personalized life.
I want more people like you.

I’m here to help keep you true to yourself.
I’m here because I believe so deeply in the intrigue of the individual.
You are fascinating. You are my inspiration.
I’m here to help you create.

Create your own personal beliefs.  Experiences.  Perspectives.
Your own formula for life.
Create your Self.

The more in touch with yourself, the happier you are.
More happy people, a more happy world.
More creativity.  More joy.  More fulfillment.

You owe this to yourself.

This is your life.


We’re being brainwashed to ignore ourselves.


We’re surrounded by messages to seek happiness outside ourselves.  We’ve become dependant on approval, owning things, looking good, and keeping ourselves entertained and distracted to keep from feeling reality.

Don’t worry about what’s going on inside, keep buying everything and be happy!  Live up to everyone’s standards and be happy!  Make people act the way you want, and be happy!  Find success and security and be happy!

In short: Try to control what you cannot control, and then you’ll be happy.


This is why we’re not happy.


Life is going by, and we’re exhausted trying to keep everything in order.  We’re getting by, but are we truly living our best lives?  Is this all it is — chasing things that we’re terrified that we’ll never get?  And even if we acquire what we want so badly, what happens if we lose it?

Or maybe we’ve stopped chasing.  Maybe we’re just getting through each day trying to just feel as not-crappy as possible.  Maybe we’ve settled.  Maybe we’ve mistaken comfort and familiarity for truly feeling alive.


This is reality.


You are the only thing you’ll ever have control over.  Ever.

You are responsible for your life and how you feel.

You are going to die.


It’s time to pay close attention to what really matters.



You make your life what it is.  You create who you are.

We can keep all our modern distractions and fun, but we can find balance and a true sense of joy and purpose by giving ourselves equal attention and fascination.

This site is to aid in living a full life, while staying true and knowledgeable to who we really are.

This is help us find our best selves in the middle of all the chaos, and use our innate human creativity to create a beautiful fulfilling life.

This is to stop focusing so much on the outside, and to start living from the inside out.

Here’s what it takes:


Being real.

Studying yourself.

Taking responsibility for your life.

Learning how to be resilient in any situation.

Giving ourselves reverence and respect.



 My life is my study, my teacher.

I am no guru, just a humble monk of life.
More about me: Tracy Konane

Send me questions and comments at:  thelifemonk [at] gmail [dot] com


4 thoughts on “FOR CREATIVE REBELS

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog, The Monk Life, and I love it. I have a blog,, that aims to capture hopes and dreams and happiness. I was wondering if you don’t mind me quoting from your blog; I will link back. And also, what is your background in being a life-monk? You can e-mail me privately if you’d like at I did try to e-mail you but it came back bad.

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