About Me

From a young age I valued freedom, happiness, and creating the kind of life I wanted to live.

I was the stubborn one, the kid who was crazy at home and shy in the classroom, the one dreaming of being a magical flying dinosaur while the teacher was asking what we wanted to be when we grew up.

I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii, in a little town where I could always see two mountain ranges and acres of pineapple fields.  My parents didn’t believe in cable TV or movies rated over PG, so I was raised on library books and arts-and-crafts, VW vans and pillow forts, and tunes by both Beethoven and Led Zeppelin.

When I wasn’t playing make-believe with my sisters or crying over my math homework, I was working on creating something.

I’ve always been the outsider with the over-active imagination, whimsical ideas, and odd interests.  It was so much easier to create worlds inside my head and craft things in my room than to be surrounded by people talking about and doing the same things everyone was doing.

The idea of self-improvement excited me from a young age.  To me, discovering that I could create who I was and what kind of life I led was akin to figuring out the secret to happiness.  When I realized that I had control over who I was and how I behaved, I felt like I had forged a secret and special key to my life.

During my three decades, I’ve taken myself through multiple stages of evolution.  I’ve leveled-up through my social anxiety and low self-worth, through trying to fit in while trying to find myself, through abusive relationships (on both sides), through excessive cheap belongings and a trashy lifestyle, through awful diet and health issues and full-body rashes, through needing to get drunk every night, through all the “shoulds” and societal expectations, and through many dark nights of the soul feeling utterly lost.

It wasn’t always smooth, easy, and beautiful, but I’m forever dead set and excessively passionate about creating the change I wish to see in myself.  To be able to help others do the same is an immense honor and one of my biggest and most fulfilling loves.

Working on oneself is just like an art form, only that we are not only the artists but the material medium.  We create ourselves.  Once we realize this, our potential shoots upwards and our limiting behavior patterns and victim mindsets are broken open.

I believe that knowing and growing ourselves is a beautiful life-long practice and lifestyle.

It’s never about perfection; it’s about facing life with resilience, compassion, energy, love, and a creative spirit.



Tracy Konane






.For the extra-inquisitive:

If you’re anything like me, it can be more than slightly unnerving to spill intimate details of your life to someone you’ve never met.  Or you’re at least concerned what kind of person you’ll be interacting with.  So here’s the truth:

I am fun, professional, passionate, and very interested in making human lives work a little better.  I am also a silly weirdo who will laugh at toilet humor and find glee in personal quirks and all the odd bits.  Perfection and formalities bore me, and just to warn you I am horribly celebrity-uneducated.

That said, I am super into people that I know.  I am super into intriguing individuals who are forging their own unique lives.  That means you.

For what it’s worth:
I am a Libra, an INFJ, and an extroverted introvert.  I have a Bachelor’s in Humanities with a specialization in Philosophy, and a Master’s in Information Science.  I am a certified life coach through Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School.

My favorite band in the entire world is Rammstein, but you’ll usually find me listening to chill-out, dance music, and all kinds of rock.  I love soup and sushi and mapo tofu.  I take my Maker’s Mark on the rocks with a splash of Grand Mariner.  Or just a Cabernet Sauvignon will definitely do.

My first inspiration was the Care Bears.  I wanted to fly around in a cloudmobile and cheer up sad kids with love and color.

I was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to California in 2011.  I lived in the Bay Area for a year before moving to LA into the heart of Hollywood — a place I once thought I would never ever want to live.  I really like it here.

I’ve been a marching band geek (still love drumline beats), a piano teacher, rec center building attendant, bartender and waitress extraordinaire, web & graphic designer, librarian assistant, and crazy party animal.

I am a bird person.  I once owned a pet fancy pigeon.  I dream of one day having a chicken.  Incidentally I’ve also always loved dinosaurs.

I have an amazing man in my life who constantly inspires me to level-up by simply being who he is.

I have had 11 piercings and many different hair colors in my life, but no tattoos.

I love traveling and have a thing for trains.

I’ve never (yet) had a manicure.

I’m great with a hula hoop!

If I could have an intimate dinner with absolutely anyone it’d be Gandalf, Jimi Hendrix, Guinen, Bjork, the Dalai Lama, the Phantom of the Opera or the Elephant Man.

My fantasy fling would be with Lucius Malfoy (pre-prison).

We’ll leave it at that for now!