About You


You’ve always felt a little different.

The grown-up wild child dreamer.

On the cusp of everything.

You feel like a mishmash of contradictions, a merging of opposing ideals, a beautiful concoction of wilderness and modernity and edginess and elegance and boldness and surrender.

You want to run feral and fly untethered, then recharge in blissful hibernation.

Creativity is in your blood, adventure in your soul, and you crave freedom and self-expression as much as love and connection.

You care a lot about people, but refuse sell your soul to the world’s problems.

You have a deep yearning to continually grow into better and better versions of yourself, although a lot of the time it feels like rebellion.

You want the world and everything in it, while staying grounded and alive and full of well-being.

You are slowly becoming something only you yourself can fully know and bring to light into this world.

Above all else — you want to be you, do what you know you’re meant to do, and live life fully and with daring and love.

The creative rebel, adventurous soul.


I cater highly to those who have always connected with a bit of alternative culture, who teeter on the brink between the norm and the outsider, who delve into art and science and are highly curious about the world around them.

They’ve rebelled in some shape or form their entire life — whether in hidden and quiet ways, or more visual and rambunctious.  They’ve always asked “why?”, and never felt comfortable blindly following the societal paths laid before them.  Formality creeps them out and they feel oppressed around too many inflexible rules.  They know the beauty of the darkness as well as the light.  They appreciate high quality luxury as much as lowbrow humor, and naturally gravitate towards anything expressive and interesting.  Both nature and modernity share parts of their heart.  They love the whole spectrum of what life has to experience.  They want adventure.  They want new ideas. They want to feel truly alive.  They are tired of the milestones and standards that produce so many unfulfilled and stressed-out lives.

Their biggest fear is end-of-life regret and present stagnation.   Their heaven is freedom, self-expression, creating their masterpiece, being in love with their life, and living their truth.  They refute limitations.  They see beauty in what’s real.  They see their life and who they are as a study, an intriguing life-long project.  They never want to stop growing.  They’re a little bit of everything; cannot easily be classified, and they know that their ultimate job is to define their own legacy and lifestyle for themselves.  They want the custom-made life, tailored and re-created to fit their highest growth.  They want all their dreams and to have fun while getting there.  They want the world, and they want to experience their best and truest selves more than anything.


If you have a burning desire to grow and do and be more than you are now, THAT is just as honest and real as anything else.  Just being aware that our self-doubt and fearful thinking is the only thing that is holding us back from truly transforming ourselves and allowing us to be as beautiful and expressive and daring as we desire  — that alone proves that there is a greater person deep inside that is truly who we are, who is tired of being blocked and wants to explode into our lives and dreams.

If you’ve always longed to relax into what is better, bolder, more expressive, more passionate, more true to what you feel is a burning inside to create more meaning and joy in your life… that is extraordinary.  If you have this great longing to create a better self and life, then that is truly a part of who you really are.

I help guide creative and adventurous souls into better experiences of personal truth, adventure, artistry, and wellbeing.

That is what I do.

 My life is my study, my teacher.
I am no guru, just a humble monk of life.
More about me: Tracy Konane
instgrmSend me questions and comments at:  thelifemonk [at] gmail [dot] com

4 thoughts on “About You

  1. G. Moua says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog, The Monk Life, and I love it. I have a blog, theglimmery.com, that aims to capture hopes and dreams and happiness. I was wondering if you don’t mind me quoting from your blog; I will link back. And also, what is your background in being a life-monk? You can e-mail me privately if you’d like at gaolimoua@yahoo.com. I did try to e-mail you but it came back bad.

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