I help you harness your creative powers to create a better life.

I won’t be telling you how you should live your life…I’m sure everyone else is already doing that!  Instead we’re going to work on helping you figure out exactly what you want, and how to begin to live according to your own unique needs and dreams.  This is all about allowing you to create your own personal lifestyle in a way that is tailor made and customized for you.

Initially there will be a lot of me listening to you and asking questions.  It’s about getting to know you and your own style of living life.  Then we will begin to look at your thoughts.

The basis of my coaching centers around what is going on inside your mind.  Everything we feel and do in life always begins first with a thought.  Thoughts are what drive everything, including how we experience what’s going on around us.

The really exciting thing about this is that we can begin to create positive change right now.   Through the power of understanding our thinking habits and where our action or non-action comes from, we can immediately start to shift towards a more joyful, creative, productive, and authentic kind of life.

We are meant to create and grow

Creativity is what separates us from other animals.  We have the amazing ability to see things in multiple ways, experiment in our minds, and come up with innovative solutions.  This is powerful stuff!  It’s way more than just the law of attraction or positive thinking — it’s turning our life into something that can be looked at as a personal masterpiece.  No matter where you are right now, your life can be always be worked on, reshaped, made-over, and transformed.

It’s going to take some effort.  It’s going to take some extra awareness and personal honesty.  But like any art form, with practice you will begin to open up a new way of being in the world.

Just as you go to a physician for your body, and to stylists for your appearance, I help you to keep your mind operating at it’s best and most beautiful.  And since everything you do and experience comes from your mind, it’s a very important to maintain.  It is your life.

This is about treating your life like an art, which it really is.  And as the ancient Zen masters said, “Art is not a thing, it’s a way”.

Let’s uncover your own way.

Let’s create something amazing for you.



Life Coaching FAQ:

Q: What’s the difference between therapy and life coaching?
I don’t treat or diagnose mental disorders or extreme cases.  I take healthy, fully-functioning people and help them better understand themselves and their mind so that they can be happier, more resilient, and better equipped to deal with all that life dishes out.

I don’t try to extract your past or put you under hypnosis or do some sort of fortune telling (despite what my grandma may believe).  I create a space for you each week to simply focus on you.  With no intent other than to teach you the creative powers of your mind — the art of self-creation — and create a better life experience for you.

Q: How is this different from talking to a friend?
Friends can be great coaches in their own way, but usually aren’t equipped to help you understand yourself and aid you to create great change in your life.  I won’t commiserate with you over how much your life sucks.  I’m here to help you deal with and move up and out of the suckiness. This isn’t about the world, this is about you IN the world.  I’m here to help you, not participate in gossiping or ‘fixing’ things outside of your control (ie: everything).

Q: Who can benefit from life coaching?
Anyone.  Nothing needs to be ‘wrong’ with you to benefit from this stuff!  Everyone needs an unbiased ear, caring heart, and someone to help find clarity from time to time.  Unless you got lucky, no one really ever teaches us how to effectively deal with life, or how our minds are our ultimate life-power.  This is life-changing and powerful stuff!

Q: Will you be telling me what to do with my life?
Not exactly.  I help you figure out what you should do with your life.   Everyone else is already telling you what you “should” be doing!  I teach you how to harness the power of your mind and use your creativity to create a better life.

Q: Will you be judging me?
No.  I don’t come in and scrutinize and rate you on how properly you’re living your life (we already know so many people who can do that for us!).  I am also SO not perfect.  This is not about perfection!  This is not about holding to any other standard than your own.  There is technically no right or wrong, except how you want to be feeling.  This is about your own unique self and life, nothing else.  I mentally prepare beforehand for each session and have been trained in “holding space” for you from a place of openness and compassion.

Q: Is this spiritual in any way?
You can come from any belief system or background, and coaching can compliment it.  I do see it as spiritual in the sense that it really helps you discover your truth and inner power.  It is getting in touch with who you really are and helping you to move into a better version of yourself.

Q: Why do I coach?
Because everyone has something to express within them and society’s always said there’s a right and wrong way to do it, and it’s simply not true. There’s only one way to be, and it’s the way that works for you. The way that makes you feel the way you’ve always wanted, the way that makes you thrive, create, take adventurous risks and explode onto the scene of your dreams. The most exciting thing about being human is that we all share the same core, and are still completely unique. I celebrate that. I revel in helping you find who you really are and how to use your power to fuel your life. The secret is sustainable happiness. Create within so you can create without. This is it. Life is happening and it may only happen once. So why not design it from the inside out.

I am not a finished product and I never will be. I am a draft of a draft of a draft of a rough draft of a very rough draft. I’ve come a long way from where I started and I want to continue the journey with other creative minds to share the learning, the lessons, the love. I live to care and to love. I am curious and ask a lot of questions. I adore quirks and open minds. I am fueled by those who are living life on their terms and thinking outside the box.

Q: Who do I coach?
Smart individuals with open minds.  Those who have a unique way of expressing themselves.  The ones who always felt a little different.  People who care about taking control over creating better versions of themselves and their lives.  People who believe in change.  People ready to ask some powerful questions and look deep within themselves for the answers.  People ready to make a difference.  People looking to create within so they can create without.  Those ready to find the power and love within themselves.  Those who are ready to find the truth inside.

Q: How do I coach?
With my innate sense of caring and curiosity.  I have a passion for learning about people and the ways they think and act.  The more I learn about others the more I learn about my own life.  I value you as much as you value me.  I adore quirk and imperfection.  I coach from a place of love without judgement, without the need for you to be perfect.  I am no guru, I don’t have it ‘all figured out’.  What I do know is how to help you find out what works best for you. How you tick.  Why you live your own way like you do.  I give new perspectives, possibilities, insights.  The discovery of these things will fuel you in creating more creativity, joy, and fire in your life.  It’s the secrets of what causes you to experience life as you do.  You will learn the tools to your own mind so you can create the way you want to see, feel, and live.  It’s nothing magical, it’s science, it’s the way life works.  And the more you know, the more fully and wonderfully you can live.

More about me here.


What are you curious about?

Want to work with me? Have a question? Message me at thelifemonk[at]gmail[dot]com



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